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Regardless Of Your Age, Body Type Or Your Current Flexibility Level

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There are now hundreds of studies that show that a dedicated stretching can relieve or even renew your back, hips and spine. Routines that target your hamstrings, adductors and hip flexors are often the most direct solution for those areas since they support your entire body. Once you start building your flexibility from the ground up, results can come quickly.

Pelvic tilt, hunched back and forward head posture mostly come from incorrect way of walking, standing or sitting and in general, from sedentary lifestyle. These issues can cause loss of flexibility and growth of muscle tightness in almost any body part. Good news is, once you improve your flexibility and strength this can be repaired.

By gaining more speed, stamina and becoming more relaxed, you’ll be able to handle more daily tasks, train or run longer. This is because stretching si capable of conserving your energy. Flexible muscle can switch off tension and fully relax the moment it’s withdrawn from work. Stretching can also increase length of your strides when sprinting.

Lower body stretching routines in this program also build strength of your pelvic floor, translating to strong squeeze power that lets you control your bowel and bladder functions.

Although this program does not contain any advanced yoga poses, it will make major lower and upper body muscles flexible which will in turn speed up your progress in yoga. You may be able to do advanced asanas, splits or deep straddles sooner than you think.

Prevent torn muscles and pelvic injuries from falls. If you’re into weightlifting or CrossFit, proper stretching can deepen your squat, ease-up your shoulders and help you move in full range of motion. Stretching can also help you avoid injuries, reduce post workout soreness and speed-up recovery so you can hit the gym with more often.

If you can’t sleep because of your back or because you just have too much on the plate in your life right now, stretching before bed (which is actually the best time to stretch) can help fall asleep before you know it and sleep the entire night without disruptions.

Many people think stretching is not an intense form of exercise and has no impact on conditioning. But they they’re far from the truth. This flexibility program includes gentle dynamic and isometric strength exercises that can have beneficial impact on your circulation without heart-rate overload.

Stretching can, in come cases, prevent hip replacement and is the most ideal type part of rehabilitation process after replacement. Reduce swelling, decrease pain, build strength, challenge balance, and develop endurance. With proper stretching, you can regain your original or even better mobility and flexibility within 4 to 8 weeks.

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What’s Included In This Online Video Program?

8-Minute Flows For Hamstrings, Hip Flexors And Lower Back Relief

Perfect for complete beginners and advanced practitioners, these progressive follow-along routines will help you quickly relieve your lower back, hips and increase lower body strength. Make your hamstrings and hip flexors fully elastic while increasing their strength and power at the same time.

8-Minute Flows For Hip Opening, Adductors And Pelvic Floor Strength

This program takes you from beginner to advanced levels with special no-equipment routines. Learn how to open and relieve your hips, power up pelvic floor and reach your full potential for all types of center splits. Discover the little-known secret that makes you quickly flexible, maximizing potential of lateral hip flexibility.

Forward Bend Flows For Hams, Back & Posterior Pelvic Tilt  

This complex stretching position can dramatically increase flexibility of lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Discover why people who actually can do full front splits are often unable to do a full head to toe and how to achieve this position as fast as possible even if you’ve never stretched before.

Dynamic Lower Body Flexibility Enhancement For Sports

Implement this highly effective stretching routine into your training regimen to improve speed, power, strength and dynamic elasticity for athletic movements and techniques. Discover why dynamic flexibility improves circulation, maximizes range of movement and accelerates your movement speed.

Complete Upper Body Flexibility For Maximum Range Of Motion 

This full upper body stretching routine is suitable for complete beginners, cross-fit and advanced weightlifters who need to regain lost flexibility or rehabilitate from training injury. Discover how to effectively stretch your shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps and upper back muscles using safe and incremental approach.

Back Bend Power Flows For Spinal, Cervical & Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Do this program until you can stand in a perfect back bend (bridge) for 1-2 minutes straight. You’ll strengthen over 85% muscles while correcting posture misalignments such as hunched back, forward neck posture and anterior pelvic tilt. This follow-along routine improves shoulder mobility and strength, powers up your lower back and makes your abdominal wall strong and flexible.

Complete beginner-friendly follow along exercise sessions designed to activate self-recovery using special exercise protocol that grows your strength and flexibility in a non-invasive way.

Structured home approach with you can do without any equipment at home. Designed for all age categories and body type, even the stiffest people will see full flexibility results.

One-time-only payment ensures there are no monthly fees and you can replay on any device including smartphone, tablet, PC or you can even cast it from your smartphone to your smart TV.

Lifetime access to the program ensures you can start anytime and replay infinite number of times, even if you can’t start right now. This is an investment that will pay off now or in the future.

What’s Causing Muscle Stiffness?

Splits, forward bends, back bends, full squats and the ability to interlace your fingers behind your back are displays of natural range of motion we all once had as infants, but lost it for various reasons over time.There are many causes of muscle stiffness ranging from lack of physical activity, incorrect way of sitting or standing, hard physical work and heavy strenuous exercise. 

Unfortunately, sooner or later muscle stiffness often manifests as pain especially in neck, lower back, spine, shoulders or hips. 

Proper stretching is the best non-invasive solution that can help you get back to living a pain-free life.Specifically this science-based stretching program doesn’t require more than 8 minutes per day and it doesn’t only develop your flexibility but muscular strength as well.You can save a lot of time because there’s no need for you to travel to gyms or yoga studios. You can follow the program while watching TV or listen to your favorite music.

Start Your Transformation Today! 

“Despite double hip replacement, this stretching program made me feel like new.”

“Bad hip & tight hams gone! I felt instant relief and progress from the very first session.” 

“My physio said due to my fibro I’ll never be flexible. This program proved him wrong.” 

“I didn’t care about splits but this helped my tight hips, hams and lower back a lot!”

“This method gave me more flexibility in just 4 weeks than 1 years of stretching on my own.”

“Hyperbolic Stretching has done wonders to my flexibility despite my scoliosis.”

“I was so skeptical due to my back pain but I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did.”

“After the first session, my bad hip was gone. It’s totally worth it. The guy is GOOD.”

“I’ve been extremely stiff. This is what happened after just 8 minutes!”

Why This Program Is So Unique

Unlike conventional methods that focus on simply stretching a muscle, this unique method also trains your muscle survival reflex.At any given moment, muscle flexibility and muscle contraction is controlled by your brain. Main function of this control mechanism is to prevent muscles from becoming damaged or injured.This is done by two mechanisms called survival reflexes. Here’s a quick example how they work.When a muscle is stretched beyond its usual, daily range of motion, an impulse from spinal cord is immediately received by the muscle to contract, in order to avoid injury or damage. This stops you from stretching deeper. In science this reflex is called myotatic reflex.But there is also an opposite reflex call inverse myotatic reflex that protects your muscles from excessive contractions. For example, when you bench press weight that your muscles can’t handle, sudden relaxation of muscles activates upon development of excessive tension. The barbell quickly ends on your chest.You’re probably getting the idea already. Since muscular contraction is followed by deep muscle relaxation, this program uses muscular contractions and makes you more and more flexible within one single stretching session and from one session to the next.

Hi, I’m Alex Larsson and I used to work in the office for decades. I was spending over 10 hours behind my computer every day. Until one evening, after 12 hours of sitting behind my desk, I was struck by a horrific cramp in my lower back and hips that just didn’t go away.I was told it could take months of rest until I recover and get back on my feet. I’ve tried pretty much all flexibility and mobility methods in existence. But none of it actually worked as fast as I wanted. I was so close to accepting that no one and nothing could improve my condition.

Until I delved into the science of stretching. Luckily, what I discovered helped me and others get become fully flexible, stronger and most importantly recover much, much faster…

Frequently Asked Questions

After ordering Hyperbolic Stretching you’ll be instantly emailed your access details in an email from our payment processor Clickbank. Inside you’ll find access the complete video instruction program including step-by-step video routines, introduction and exercise explanation videos. You can access the portal on any device connected to the internet!

Yes it is! I do not charge monthly for this program. It’s a one time only fee plus sales tax, if applicable in your state. Exchange rates and local taxes may apply if you live outside US. There are no other hidden costs or fees.

Yes! You get lifetime access and you can view the program on any device, you can even cast it from your smart phone to your smart TV if you want.

It’s all online videos you can follow and you’ll also get a PDF  of all the exercises that you can print or bookmark in your browser and access anytime.

Yes, absolutely! We’ve had people over 75 years of age, all body types (skinny, chubby) going through the program and experiencing real results in as little as 7 to14 days.

Hyperbolic Stretching uses strategic training protocol and specific set/rep combinations to target your muscle survival reflex also known as myotatic reflex (or stretch reflex) that not only improves flexibility in safe and accelerated way but it also, increases muscular strength, relieves joint tightness, muscle tension and improves overal body posture.

Not at all! The only equipment you may need is a chair and bed!

Not at all! You can do all the exercises that I show on the floor on your bed!

Yes! This program is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Yes! Should you need any extra support you can send me a private message via Facebook or Instagram. Just like my Facebook page Hyperbolic Stretching. Me and my team are already there waiting for you.

Get Results Or It’s FREE! 

I’m so confident that my program will help you become flexible that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re unhappy with this course, simply contact me and my friendly team using the Contact link in the footer of this page. I stand behind all our programs unconditionally because my customer’s results and satisfaction rates are so high. Me and my team is responsive, reliable, and we’re here to help.There’s nothing to lose.And everything to gain…

I know how powerful this method is and I don’t want you to miss out.

Benefits Of Enhanced Flexibility


The program is provided to you instantly in online video format in a link sent to you in an email from Clickbank and can be viewed from anywhere and on any device. You’ll get lifetime access.

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Click here to get Join 10,000s Of People & Boost Your Flexibility – Hyperbolic Stretching at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Join 10,000s Of People & Boost Your Flexibility – Hyperbolic Stretching is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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